Bring your Business Idea to Life

How to Generate and Develop a Business Idea

This eBook will help you identify the entrepreneur skills you need to succeed in business. It will question your experiences, knowledge, skills and talent to identify how they will fit in with your business idea.

Lifts the lid off the question of ‘What Business’? Contains easy spotting techniques of what you love to do, easy to use research techniques to check the viability of any idea. Learn how to use proven tools to gain insight into what people want and need.

Content includes:

Traits of a Entrepreneur - Delves into the world of entrepreneurship and how you fit in. Do you have what it takes to run a business?

Your Skills Set - An in-depth assessment of your knowledge, experiences and talent in relation to a business idea.

Choosing an Idea - How do you choose an idea? This eBook explains in detail simple effective ways to help you identify the right idea.

Product or Service Research - How to do your own research and find out what people want.

Marketplace Acceptance - How do you know if people will buy your products or services? This eBook will show you how

This step-by-step self-help guide will take you through the questions you need to ask yourself about ‘yourself,’ your idea, your product or your services. It unfolds in an easy to read style, challenging you to come up with a workable business idea you will love to operate.

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