Finding Balance in Work/Life Worksheet

work/life balance, organisational skills

You’ve no doubt heard the cliché “Work hard, play hard.” Like most cliché’s it is very true. Many business owners know this for a fact. They work incredibly hard at their business, night and day it sometimes seems. But they also take time off to play well too. You don’t have to drink, gamble or go clubbing all night to play hard. Instead what it means is that you put as much of yourself into playing as you do into working to create the right balance and a sense of accomplishment in both worlds. It’s completely ineffective to think about work when you’re taking time off. Just as it’s completely ineffective to try to work when you need a break. There is great powers in being able to give whatever you’re doing 100% of your energy and attention. There’s no right or wrong way to find balance. What is balanced for you may be completely out of sync for someone else. Balance means that you are able to give your full attention to WHATEVER you’re’ doing. Use this worksheet to check if you have found the right balance in the key areas of your life. If you need to make adjustment take a step by step approach to work towards a more balanced and fulfilled life. HOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUR WORKSHEET. Click on add to cart then click on checkout. Once you add your details of where you want us to send it to, the worksheet will be delivered to your inbox for download. Donlt worry, there is no charge.

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